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About ΑΦΑ

The opening of the school year, 1905-1906, found at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, a group of students distributed in the various colleges of the University, who were desirous of maintaining more intimate contacts with one another than their classroom study permitted. They often met in groups during the autumn of 1905 and talked of the possibilities of closer contacts among themselves. Different ones among them took the lead in calling these meetings, which were informal in every detail.

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About AP

The rich history of Alpha Rho Chapter at Morehouse College is one that is steeped in a long-standing tradition of excellence in leadership, scholarship and service. The deep roots of the Alpha Rho chapter lie intertwined with that of the distinguished and visionary men of the Eta Lambda chapter. Established May 20, 1920, Eta Lambda was organized to serve the fraternal needs of both undergraduate and graduate brothers at Atlanta University and Morehouse College.

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National Programs

The Fraternity's National Programs and their areas of focus are presented in this section. National Programs are programs/projects which have been adopted by the General Convention and mandated for implementation by all chapters.Our National Programs are: Go To High School Go To College, Project: Alpha, Voteless People Is A Hopeless People, Charles Haston Brothers’ Keeper Program.

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